Wrecks by David Virdis …!

Bagni Irides

..abandoned warehouse..

..mining village , Tinny..

...farm , Sorighedda ..

..ingresso centrale elettrica..

Colonia marina, Casa Gioiosa & former paper mill in Arbatax...

...workshop of the National Center...

...ex Ausonia...

Abandoned places, old factories, mental houses and ruined buildings are the subject of the images of David Virdis, who in collaboration with the anthropologist Paul Chiozzi, has created a photographic project on some abandoned places in Florence, Sassari, Rome, Pontassieve . Places that, for one reason or another, have been emptied from the asset and from the human presence. The presence of man, however, is as lively as ever in these color images that depict the abandonment: a picture that emerges from the inside of a cabinet, the writing on the walls of the asylum, a garment on the ground… The passage of man is firmly ingrained in the memory of the images captured by photographer patiently.

The look of Virdis is in fact a careful look, almost affectionate at times. He discovers abandoned places and , with the spirit of the explorer, portrays them. The photographic work is entitled “Wrecks”.  This is not a work of industrial archeology or interest in the places. Virdis’s thesis was in fact based on the relationship between photography and architecture and during the drafting has had the good fortune to run into the late Gabriele Basilico, whose compositional style has definitely left a trace in his photographic approach.


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