Haus 178 Neudorf,Austria..! ..the renovation of an abandoned farmhouse by studio Malek Herbst Architekten..!












An abandoned for years farmhouse and a barn in the countryside near Wiener Neudorf , a village in Lower Austria has been renovated by studio Malek Herbst Architekten . Here, among chestnut trees and hills , the architects were commissioned to work with an integrated recovery plan to restore the original architecture of the farm , making it eco-friendly and still camouflaged in the landscape. After the two structures were recovered, the architects chose to merge them through a wooden canopy , creating a covered porch with a 360 ° view of the landscape . Selecting only natural materials , from wood and stone sourced locally , all the finishes and fixtures were replaced. Inside, there is a switch between intimate spaces and large openings on the garden. The parquet floors create a sense of warmth. The heart of the house beats in the living room dominated by a large fireplace. This room leads to the covered veranda and the open plan kitchen with stained glass ceiling . Upstairs lies the sleeping area , more secure and secluded than the rest extrovert spaces.

What gets the interest is the textile patchwork on the living room wall , next to the dining table. In another case it could be nothing, but here it gives a unique sense of style. It even makes us ignore the “meeting room” leather chairs around the wooden dining table and rather wonder…”how old is this textile?why is it there?”…this thought creates in a way the connection between the present and the past of this building. All of the sudden ,this building has identity.



3 thoughts on “Haus 178 Neudorf,Austria..! ..the renovation of an abandoned farmhouse by studio Malek Herbst Architekten..!

  1. Good pick! It’s a beautiful project. I quite like the ‘meeting room’ leather chairs actually, I think they are very coherent with the rest of the materials and tones and go nicely with the heavy wooden chair. I think they are by Mies Van der Rohe as well… we can’t quite ‘ignore them’ really, can we? Anyway, very nice! Thanks

    1. Hi Jules!
      Thanks for the comment!
      Regarding the Mies Van der Rohe chairs, the are trully nice indeed, but they wouldn’t be my kind of choice in this case…
      Thanks again and keep tuned! 😉

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