Kassena village …in Burkina Faso..!!

















Must admit i was never a big fun of Polynesian or African Art. Still though, i believe it has three elements i respect the most: simple, direkt and original. I ran into this article on messynessychic.com and the title “The African Village where every House is a work of Art” captured my interest. So here we are!! That’s the village of Kassena, one of the oldest ethnic groups in Burkina Faso..!! Kassena could be the name of a Game of Thrones tribe and Burkina Faso is still one of the hardest questions during school geography tests … but this village has trully something. One could say, it is an in-FASHION village, since the fashion world has gone wild with ethnic patterns lately but that is certainly not the case here. This village has been here a long way before our inspiration was that dried up to turn to early symbols. The feeling i get is that this is a place with personality who is willing to stay loyal to itself and the tradition surrounding it. Wealth is not the point, people are self contained. Could that be the case? Olga Stavrakis says:

… It was only through a process of year long negotiations that we were permitted to enter the royal palace the entrance of which is pictured here. They were awaiting us and the grand old men of the village, the nobility, were all seated waiting for us. Each of the villages has muslims and animists (local religions) and no one much cares who believes in what. However, we were told in advance that we must not wear anything red and we may not carry an umbrella. Only the chiefly noble family is permitted that privilege and to do so would constitute a great affront to our hosts… 

Most meals are cooked in one pot over a brazier,” explains Olga, “There is little cutting and preparation required. They generally make a starch foofoo or thick paste like porridge which is then dipped into a sauce of vegetables and peppers. The richer the family the more goes into the sauce. Foofoo is made of cassava, yam, plantain, or corn.”

Fascinated..??..see some more pics by Rita Willaert…!


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