A former stable …at the foot of the Catalan Pyrenees,near Olot ..!! …by the decorator and antique dealer Serge Castella..!











This  space of 35 m2 at the foot of the Pyrenees, used to be a former stable attached to a house, divided into two spaces: one for cows (now living) and one for sheep (entrance and kitchen recently built). Serge Castella was asked to make it habitable, but unsophisticated“… She kept the original distribution, but the 35 m2 led her to devise a transformable living room into a bedroom. Sofas become two comfortable beds at night next to the fireplace. Avoiding the stereotype of the typical traditional mountain house she followed a 70s style with a mix of woods, stone, canvas,ceramics, goat hair carpet and Perriand, Zanuso and Matégot furniture.

“These special pieces turn a simple space into something more, give consistency, scholarship and character”,says Castella. The decorator has also focused a lot on the light inside this unique shelter,For me light is important. We played with natural light, artificial and firelight reflecting on surfaces. The three together, combined, enhance the overall scenery.



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