Talking about Helen Rödel’s work…!

Talking about Helen Rödel’s work is talking about the inspired work of a designer who deeply believes in the power of artisans.


How familiar are we with this idea? It is a fact that we are living in a consuming environment where things go fast but we still choose, either consciously either unconsciously, how we estimate values like time, human contact & interaction, aesthetics….

Artisan, a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand, a craftsman. We deeply admire designers who choose that way of working, aiming in producing high quality products. Helen Rödel is a brand coming from Brasil, bringing handmade techniques from the past into the future. She has chosen to work with a group of artisans aiming to develop deeply researched, beautifully designed, perfectly weaved and long-lasting garments. Joining cutting-edge design and traditional craftsmanship techniques, Helen Rödel found a missing link in the contemporary fashion scene which granted the brand a strong position in the market.


Vivid colors, great textures & other elements like beads, rhinestones, wooden pieces, form unique, stunning garments, timeless pieces of great taste!


“We were born in a place at the South of Brazil where knitting merges into local tradition and developing our design and our production here allows us to generate income for craftsmanship and help strengthen the regional industry. To reverence and honor local talent crystallizes an important part of our contribution to the rest of the world”, says the designer.

“I ve chosen to work with slow & manual techniques in which the numbers are pretty different from industrial production. And these techniques require extreme patience”.


“The conception of the clothes is a lonely task, but when it gets to a concrete level its very collaborative. And I have a very close relationship with the people I work with”.

“Making the pieces requires a lot of concentration, it moves so much energy. It is as if the brain was split in two, one part coordinates the handwork and the other the free flow of thoughts. I like to think about the amount of thoughts and ideas that inhabit each stitch. While I feel the urgency of knowledge and of interaction with the world, I feel that we need to balance this aspect of life by immersing ourselves in a task that demands much of our time and patience……its an exercise of patience. And patience is wisdom”. These words taken from “Helen Rödel – Documentário Estudos MMXI” condense Helen Rödel’s philosophy. So, we want to invite you in a trip to the amazing world of Helen Rödel. It’s a world of pure aesthetics in all aspects.

-by Maria Tsirik_gl_u

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