Nanna Van Blaaderen : Design with a mission..!

Nanna Van Blaaderen

Design with a mission


When Ethical design meets sophisticated collections, unique textures, high quality products and inspiring photography then we are talking about Nanna Van Blaaderen.

Dutch artist, Nanna Van Blaaderen, designs 100% natural fashion knitwear and home textiles that are visually inspired by the diversity of nature, and produced with the mentality that what humans make must remain in balance with what nature makes.

“I always had the desire to create designs that reflect the beauty of nature as well as contribute to more respect for our environment”.



Nanna Van Blaaderen was born in the Netherlands where she remained to study fashion design and fashion forecast at The Willem De Kooning Academy.

During her studies, she became intrigued by the enormous potential of knit design, especially by the interaction between traditional techniques and industrial knitting.


After graduating, Blaaderen continued to specialize in knit design and worked as a designer and fashion consultant for Maison Martin Margiela fashion house before she founded her own namesake label in 2011.

In 2015, Nanna Van Blaaderen was the Woolmark Europe Women’s Wear prize winner which recognized her unique point of view and innovative use of wool in her designs.

Animal life and nature are essential sources of inspiration and recurring themes in the designs of Nanna van Blaaderen. With her work she combines her passion for design with her affinity for nature. She aims to contribute to our environment by using natural, renewable materials such as Merino wool.


Blaaderen attempts to provide alternatives to fur by producing artistic and ethically grounded garments in collaboration with the Dutch Textile Industry. Her predominant use of merino wool, a uniquely soft and breathable variety, bridges the gap between nature-inspired fashions and functional garments for fast-paced life.


I really fell in love with her collections “Dense”, “Species” and “Resilience”. I love “Dense” for the extreme dramatic textures and amazing shapes. “Species” incorporate organic forms and soft textures, so natural and poetic at the same time. “Resilience” for me is the synonym of pure elegance in knitwear. Comfortable knits with amazing textured details (…I really love bobbles…!).

-by Maria Tsirik_gl_u

Source : Nanna Van Blaaderen


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